About Me

Not to put in a drawer!

Clemens Acidus is following consequently his musical roots, which go back to the electronic substances from Depeche Mode and Anne Clark. This in mind he develops his music through new components, ideas and influences. His own productions can neither put in a drawer nor in a common genre. Whether old school or futuristic sound textures, everything finds a place in his arrangements. Sound experiments with hard- and software range from danceable, hard industrial-technoid sounds to playful electro- and ambient tracks. With his club-suitable live and DJsets you can regularly listen to his sounds on parties in Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin.


Clubs:Tresor, Berlin ||
K 2, Forst ||
Club Achter Mai, Chemnitz || Voxxx, Chemnitz ||
Seilfabrik, Zwickau || BPM-Club, Zwickau ||
Distillery, Leipzig || Elipamanoke, Leipzig || Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik,Leipzig || Alte Feueranlagen, Leipzig ||
Sabotage, Dresden || Triebwerk, Dresden || Straße E, Dresden || Kühlhaus, Dresden || Elend, Dresden || Industriehallen Lohrmannstraße, Dresden || AZ Conni, Dresden ||
House of Summer Festival, Görlitz ||
Kesselhaus, Singwitz (Bautzen) ||
Lichtschutzfaktor, Freiberg || Train Control, Freiberg || Alter Bahnhof, Halsbrücke (Freiberg) ||
Feuerwache, Kamenz || Fabrikhallen, Reichenbach (Kamenz) || H-Null, Bischeim (Kamenz) || Chemical Distortion, Kamenz || WTO, Kamenz || Weißig – Plug Oßling, Kamenz || Menza 05, Kamenz ||
BTU-Partys, im Raum Dresden – Kamenz ||
Radio:Nachtflug – Neon 425, Dresden || Spur 1, Dresden ||

Current Projects

Currently I focus on making music. I’m open for collaborations if they fit into my ideals. Please contact me.

Former Projects

treibstoff.da.ru was a project initiated and driven by baseFX. Together we organized in 2016/2017 a series of old school techno parties named „Rewind Your Mind“.

Stolpern & Kratzen aka baseFX and Clemens Acidus played back-to-back underground techno tracks on vinyl. Listen here.

Frickelkombüse aka Phonetic Art, Tino M. & Clemens Acidus developed this side project, which focuses on improvisation, playing with sounds and experimenting with self-built sound generators. They meet irregularly for jam sessions and let their fingers run free.

Frickelkombüse (aka Phonetic Art, Tino M. & Clemens Acidus)

Clemens Acidus and Polarkreis frontman Felix Räuber have had joined forces to create an unusual project in which industrial, technoid sounds are paired with effective vocals and avant-garde melodies. With the voice as the interface to the audience, the artists bring their emotions to the dance floor. (We played only once – listen here)

Fettton Music was a platform for various artistic activities in a club context. It brought together artists from the fields of music, decoration and art with the aim of realizing joint ideas in an unconventional way and presenting them to a wide audience.

BTU was a small Dresden party crew that Clemens Acidus had been a member of since 1999. Together they organized parties in Dresden and the surrounding area.